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A Brief Autobiography,
updated July, 2008

I am often called a one-man rock concert. I imagine that this is because of my big sound, big songs, and big ego. I grew up listsning to "arena"-friendly progressive rock and metal, and have always loved "themed" music of all genres. While I play acoustic guitar, I do everything I can to make the place shake - not necessarily with volume, but with tone and dynamics.

My performances typically consist of entirely original sets of music, with very few covers. The few covers I choose to play are typically not Top 40, but are songs that I find inspiring on some level.

Read what Darryl Cater of ChicagoGigs.com had to say about "Vice Verses", the debut CD from Scottish McMillan.

Listen to quick-loading samples...
....from my debut CD,
Vice Verses



On my solo debut CD, called "Vice Verses," I wrote all the songs, played all the instruments -- guitars, bass, hand percussion, and sang all the parts. The record is a patchwork quilt made of little pictures of his influences, and is a sure Q-Tip for ears clogged with the sticky goo of conventional 'rawk'.

To call this stuff "acoustic music" would be a little misleading. The word "acoustic" typically conjures images of middle-aged dads playing folk songs in coffeehouses. I'll do light, jazzy ballads, aggressively groovy funk, noisy rock-and-roll, progressive metal, whatever. And because I can't stand sucky sound, I use both my professional equipment and my years of experience as a professional sound engineer to make every show sound like a studio recording, regardless of the venue.


I was featured at the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana (in both 2002 & 2003), and since then my touring has taken me through Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut, Kentucky, England, Scotland, and Wales.

On that last note, I toured the United Kingdom twice so far with the Chicago Music Explosion, a group of top Chicago talent that assembled for a grand . Each CME tour lasted about two weeks. With shows every day or twice a day, the all over England, Scotland and Wales. I followed up the last UK tour with a series of solo shows and open mic nights, to wonderfully receptive crowds. Another tour will be in the works ASAP.

HONORS: "Yeah, Whatever", song 3 from the CD, was nominated in 2004 for the award for Best Lyrics, in the Male Singer/Songwriter category, by Just Plain Folks. The site's chief organizer, Brian Austin Whitney, named me a Top-5 Finalist out of about 15,000 acts for Best Live Performance of the Year.

Hear lots of great new acoustic artists!!

I'm now featured on Stonecutter Records' Acoustic Chicago CD/DVD collection, recorded at the world-renowned, multi-platinum winning Chicago Recording Company. Through this experience, I enjoyed working with top-notch performers, including bass guitar phenomenon Bill "The Buddha" Dickens, and world-class percussionists Ernie Adams and Vance Okraszevski, all of whom added nothing less than totally amazing performances to the recording. My song "Infinity Grooves" (click to see video) is featured, along with music from Marty Casey and The Lovehammers, Micki Croisant, Andreas Kapsalis Trio, Malcolm Palmer, Sarah Potenza, Mike Mangione, and many more great Chicago-based artists.

  Some of the Chicago (unless noted) venues
at which I've performed
over the course of his career:
  The Rave (Milwaukee, WI)
Double Door
Cubby Bear
Goose Island Brewery
No Exit Cafe
Hoghead McDunna’s
Elbo Room

- DeKalb, IL - NIU
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
(Cleveland, OH)
The Bird's Nest
Wise Fools Pub

The House of Blues
Gunther Murphy’s

Beat Kitchen
Uncommon Ground Cafe
Penny Road Pub
- S. Barrington, IL
Rory’s Music Cafe
- Addison, IL
Durty Nellie’s
- Palatine, IL
Borders Books
- various
The Heartland Cafe
602 North
- (defunct) Glendale Hts, IL
The House Cafe
- De Kalb, IL - NIU
(Indianapolis, IN)

Purchase of my solo debut CD, "Vice Verses," is possible through www.cdbaby.com/cd/scottish, where you can also hear samples from the CD!

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