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Alpha-numerically ordered links to the sites
of my favorite independent/small label artists, and their supporters


Air This Side of Caution
Swirling, melodic, acoustic/electric rock.

Jeff Barlow
Classical/flamenco guitar. Christmas CD available now.


Erika Burger
Avid supporter of local Chicago performers. Contact her if you want and photos or video - she's good like that... And a cool chick, too.

Erika's MySpace page

Phil Circle
Finely-tuned folk and fingerstyle acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter.

Chicago Music Explosion - Artist Services
What started as a fun tour idea turned into a great way to get you and your band playing overseas. Check it out....

Darren Garvey
Percussionist for hire - totally pro; congas, bongos,
or anything you want - this guy's top notch.


Stuart Davis
Thought-provoking, inspiriational singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist.
Minnesota-based, tours nationally.

Andreas Kapsalis Trio
Virtuoso tap/fingerstyle guitarist,
multi-ethnic influences, with pro percussion duo. Grade 'A'.

Ian Narcisi
Vocalist/pianist/songwriter - All-original music.
(great drummer, too...but that's not this project...)

Old No. 8
Old-school country presented with rock and roll energy. Rockers, ballads, you name it.

Oucho Sparks
Zappa does Vaudeville; experimental jazz-rock performance art.

Sanjay Patel
REALLY cool electro-organic, danceable grooves. Bought speakers off this guy, and made a friend in the process. Great music, bro.

Original, dynamic female acoustic singer/songwriter. Performs solo or with her band.

Dave Tamkin
Original, funky, melodic pop/rock. Solo acoustic or with full band.

Twang Bang
Two guys make beautifully weird songs. One of my all-time favorite bands.

The Upper Room with Joe Kelley (Internet Radio)
High-quality music - great diversity, features both local and national artists.

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