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Someday, this page will be replaced by a bulletin board, where you will be able to post your thoughts about anything - my music, world politics, a great recipe for banana bread, etc.

For now, I've decided to honor those who went out of their way to say nice things about me, thereby rewarding me for enduring all the not-nice things I have heard plenty of others say about me up to this point. I thank every one of you for taking the time to be so kind. Peace be with you all.

"He's good. Plays good guitar."
- Wesley Willis, the late, legendary, Chicago-based performing artist, commenting on Scottish's performance at the (defunct) Rockhouse Cafe in Rolling Meadows, IL, 2/20/03

I had the chance to see [Scottish McMillan] play recently, and he just, uh...it's one of these things where you watch someone and you think 'oh, my God, I'm watching something truly remarkable.' This guy, he can play guitar. He is amazing. I'm not even sure he approaches his guitar like an instrument -- it's like a weapon of mass destruction, the way he goes after this thing. After seeing the show, I had to have [his CD, called Vice Verses].
- James Van Osdol, DJ, The Local Zone show, 94.7, WZZN, Chicago

  "McMillan...is a gravel-voiced genius...with a knack for a catchy phrase."
- Steve Hammer, Nuvo Newsweekly, Indianapolis, IN
  "...very impressive! Your guitar playing is clearly outstanding, and [you've got a] strong, kick ass voice, too. Really, you've got some serious ammo in that body. I wanted to tell you I thought it was great..."
- Stuart Davis, songwriter extraodinaire and hardcore yogi, regarding Scottish's CD, "Vice Verses"
  "scottish. first. i should have known that day we jammed.. it was like magic.. but... here i sit at home... and i put in your acoustic CD [an old demo] in (listening with headphones...) and it is fucking awesome. i mean through the entire first song all i could do was listen... and it keeps getting better and better...not only is your guitar playing over the top...but you have an amazing voice. what a pleasure it is to listen to it. crazy cool chord progressions... tricky rythms... it's just awesome, man. tasty licks and hooks. smart, interesting recording... very in your face... like you were sitting here in my living room and i could feel your breath... lyrics. awesome. go man go. definitely keep me posted on your progress."
- Gayle Ritt, Lead Cool Chick for the Chicago band 13 Flowers, via email.
  "I met Scottish 3 years ago (2000) at Morseland in Chicago. We were both going there every Tuesday for the open-mic night for several months. I was immediately impressed by his abilities and his attitude. He seemed like the love-child of Les Claypool & Chris Cornell. I have never heard anyone quite like Scottish. He is a unique singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and I always look forward to seeing him live. He is humble, compassionate and intelligent...qualities that can be lacking in many of today's rock musicians. He also must be commended for his tenacity. A lot of musicians who are playing music that's arguably left-of-center (like his is) would have probably thrown in the towel by now. He is a fighter though and you can tell that he has a burning desire to connect with people, which is truly admirable. A lot of musicians are full of themselves and aren't very interesting to listen to or to converse with. Scottish, however, writes and delivers high quality tunes consistently. Furthermore, he can be extremely funny (in person and on stage); another precious quality that many rock performers seem to lack. I could write a lot more, but what people need to understand (who may not already) is that Scottish is the real deal. I feel honored to know him."
- Richard Neal Miller, singer/songwriter

"i wanted to reiterate how much i enjoyed your show last night. i like your cd even more having heard the songs live. Your guitar style and skill are very impressive, but since i'm sure you hear that a lot i'd like to tell you how much i was impressed by your voice and lyrics as well. i am humbled. thank you...so, here's to...your continued success."

- Malcolm Palmer, Chicago-area singer/songwriter, via email
  "I remember the first time I met you at my open mic at Gallery Cabaret, probably 5 years ago. I am still amazed by your talent and stamina everytime I see you play. When you hit the big time, will you remember me?"
- Sara Hollister, via email
  "Hey, Scottish! We met at the Barn Open Mic on Wed. I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoyed your CD. Your compositions are interesting, and you have a lot of style. Very cool stuff. I have not heard anything that I have been this impressed with in a long time, so thanks for playing such cool music...
Keep up the great music, and we will talk soon."
- Don Maloney, 7-string guitarist for Evidence
  "so the morning after the Elbo Room I was on my way to work doing the usual listening to CD's that have been given to me from the night's past and I came across yours. Let me say this, I get a lot of CD's from A LOT of musicans and yours absolutely floored me! I was VERY VERY VERY impressed, I dug the sh*t out of it."
- Brad Syslo, Manager, MER (band), via email
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